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Graphics Question
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Author:  gric111 [ Fri Mar 02, 2007 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Graphics Question

i saw the videos and have read a couple posts saying graphics had been improved my main question for anyone who would know the answer to this is what level of graphics flexibility will there be, more often then not the inability to turn your graphics down tot he point where its grainy and awful looking but you can pull 100 frames steady is a make or break on a game

cuz people dont want to spend another few hundred dollars on a comp or a new vid card just to run a 40$ game

and then in contrast will the high end graphics be amazing and support SLI or Crossfire as well as dual and quad core processing so that the people who have a 3000$ or 5000$ computer can crank it up at max graphics with high reso and have it look amazing still.

also options for turning off certain things like sun effects cloud effects clouds dust in sandy areas small shrubbery dirt on walls or just general wall markings that arent nesacary for improved frames per second?

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